A positive camber board that rides just like the first day I took it out of the box two years ago? Yes please. Whether you’re wanting to stomp those harsh jump landings, slash pow, lay down some turns, or get technical on those rails, the Academy Graduate can handle it all. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Logan Lauffer

Weather you're carving groomers, ripping the park or taking it to the streets this board is one of the most fun boards i've ever ridden.  It really is the Propa Camba.  Made in the USA and cost effective, there's nothing that compares.

Jordan Cruz

The Propacamba is rad! Good for every day/every condition.  Soft and playful for side hits and rails, but the camber gives it the response you need to float jumps or surf some turns on the groomers or in pow! Handles everything so good and hands down best twin shaped board out there.  Plus it won GoodWood award and it’s made in the states

Austin Wendel

“The Propacamba is my favorite park/mountain deck to date. The sintered base keeps you flying by every one else and that microcamber is exactly what you need to pop over and slash anything and everything. I don’t think I’ve ridden a better board.”

Mike Green

I absolutely love my Academy Propaganda. It’s such a fun and responsive board. I ride a lot of park, but this board also holds an edge and turns like a champ anywhere on the mountain. It is the perfect everyday rider and is honestly my favorite board I’ve ever owned.

Celia Miller