What is there to say about Academy Snowboard’s Graduate Series? This board is a pure powerhouse. I’ve never ridden a snowboard that is as fun or charges as hard as The Graduate. With the stance set back, this thing will handle the deepest days at Mt. Baker but is still playful enough to have fun cruising the cat tracks. Traditional regular camber makes this a sturdy snowboard that can take on the biggest cliffs and has enough pop to get you up and over all the SLOW signs on the hill. I’m always the smallest guy in my crew, but when I’m riding The Graduate, you can catch me passing all the homies in the flats – this thing smashes!

Eythan Frost

I designed this board with the thought of making it able to turn amazing and ride everything forwards and backwards.  The one board quiver.  When testing it last season I made sure to ride everything, halfpipe, powder, park, groomers, steeps, ice, etc.  It has a little early rise in the nose to make it ride a little better forwards, but still performs amazing backwards.  Of the last 25+ years I’ve been snowboarding this is the best board I’ve ever ridden.

Chad Otterstrom