"The Graduate has a camber profile that’s loaded with pop and extra carbon in the tail that makes riding switch feel regular. The board’s one of a kind design makes it an all mountain machine. It locks in on rails, floats through jumps, and holds an incredibly strong edge. Its durability is unmatched; so whether it’s a deep day in the backcountry or a quick strike mission on an urban rail the Graduate is the board I want under my feet.”

Jake Rome

I ride a 158 Graduate that feels like a rocket ship riding on a cloud!  It floats on powday, is sendy off the jumps and rips up the Half-Pipe and down groomers.The camber combined with the base makes it extremely fast. The damping in the board makes it the smoothest I have ridden. It handles extremely well and lays down some of the tightest turns and still had the ability to generate speed on any type of snow.The Academy Graduate is my go to board that has taken me to a new heights!

Chuck Lanning

The Propacamba is an all around beast. From the trees on an epic pow day to the streets on a cold crisp morning this is the weapon of my choice. The torsional flex this board offers in 2nd to none and will help you spin in or out of any rails with ease. The pop it offers is hard to come by and the solid build means it will last longer than expected.

Zach Rawles

The propacamba micro camber is an absolute all mountain destroyer! This is my go to board when I know I’ll be riding more than just park in a day. It’s tough build and soft flex really work hand in hand, this board carves well, presses well and lands well on jumps. Plus it’s got an insanely dope graphic so you should cop yourself one!

Evan Werner

The propaganda is one of the most fun and playful boards I have ridden. The zero camber and soft flex allows you to get deep into presses and get creative all over the mountain. This board makes snowboarding more fun because it makes everything on the mountain a feature and buttering around on it is effortless, and it’s stronger than any other board like it.

Jack Kyle