Jack Kyle

Jack was the winner of the Academy Recruiting Agency contest 2 winters ago. I met
Jack 10 years ago in Colorado and was blown away by his style and shred skills.
I didn’t see him ride for a while until he resurfaced ridding our boards at a Transworld
Goodwood test on the East Coast. He said he loved the boards and put together a
quick 2 minute video of him ridding it and sealed his spot on the team. He’s a low key
East Coast shredder who does his own thing. We put Jack on the team obviously
because of his snowboarding, but also because he’s what we are all about. Shining a
light on true snowboarding. Jack rides the Mid Wide Propaganda because of the graphic. Even though this board is designed for jibbing, Jack shows that all of our boards can do anything while catching Ari on it as well.

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