Eric Royce

How old are you?  Where do you live and why?
I am 27 and I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I call Tahoe home cause it has a lot to offer. There are like 15 resorts to choose from, great pow, urban, side hits, and backcountry.

What board do you ride?  What size and why?

I ride the TEAM SERIES 152 because It has quick and responsive edging. It feels so natural under your feet and doesn’t take much effort to turn. It kind of reminds me of a skateboard with loose trucks, but at the same time has the support and stiffness you need to hold an edge. It is a very playful all mountain board that you can really use for anything.

Why do you ride Academy?

I ride Academy because it is one of the most OG core companies around. They have been here since the beginning and truly represent the side of snowboarding that I love most and that’s just having fun and being creative. Its not so much about the tricks you can do, but how you make them look. They also make quality snowboards that last, and are made by some really great people that truly love snowboarding.

Whats your stance set up?  Width and angles?

I ride at 9,-9 with a 20″ stance

What do you do besides snowboard?

Skateboard… Also like to swim a lot and travel In the van with the dog by my side and the dirt bike on the back. Maybe catch me at a cannabis cup or two…

Dream snowboard spot?

Anywhere in Japan…