Chris Roach

Chris has been around the scene for pretty much as long as freestyle snowboarding has. He still has an unparalleled passion for snowboarding and a style that is one of a kind. We’ve been riding with Chris on-and-off over the last few years and it’s obvious that snowboarding is still 100% in his blood. Nowadays, you can find Chis mostly out cruising Boreal with his kids or ripping pow at Sugar Bowl, as he keeps it close to home most seasons. With Academy being a company based out of
Tahoe, it only made sense to give him a board and keep his legacy alive. Chris is a true
example of what Academy is all about. Chris has ridden a lot of boards in his life, and helped design his signature Master Series board. From the camber profile to the graphic, his board is a perfect representation of what he believes in and his flowy, iconic style. We are proud to have the owner of the Grasser as part of our crew.

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