Chad Otterstrom

How old are you? Where do you live and why?

42 I live in Breckenridge Colorado because I’ve been here most of my life and it feels like home, you can snowboard here pretty much year round so thats another reason.

What board do you ride? What size and why?

I ride my board The Graduate. I ride the 55 in the park and the 58 when cruising anywhere else. I like the playfulness of the 55 and the stability of the 58.

Why do you ride Academy?

I ride Academy because they are the best snowboards in the world and because Academy hasn’t sold their soul to the industry monster. We are a tight crew of shredders.

Whats your stance set up? Width and Angles?

My stance is 21.5. 18 and negative 9 degrees

What do you do besides snowboard?

Besides snowboard I skateboard, hike, bike, swim, eat healthy, stretch, hang out with my dogs, take photos. I also run a lot of the show here at Academy Snowboard Co. with some other snowboarders.

Dream snowboard spot?

Im gonna have to say spots. Alaska, Interior BC, Tahoe, my backyard in Colorado.