FLASHBACK FRIDAYS https://vimeo.com/55908718

Academy Snowboard Co. has been making some of the best snowboards for ten years now and over that time, we have had our fair share of awesome dudes and dudettes shred our boards. For many, we were their very first board sponsors and no matter where they are now, they are apart of our Academy family forever.

Flashback Fridays will be a weekly homage to all those who have helped make Academy what it is today. Have fun and follow along on this history of snowboarding.


Academy Shredboards: Good People, Great Snowboards


Jordan Michilot just released his full 2012 shred from B-happy Films out of Tahoe. Academy’s own Paul Heran handled much of the filming and all the editing for this sweet part to come to life. Jordan thanks all his family and friends who helped make this part a reality. Sit back, push click and get stoked.


Jordan Michilot 2012 from bHappy on Vimeo.

Academy’s Al Stone, aka The Russian dissects Keystone with science in this cool edit.

Enjoy some early season park shredding.

“Friends. slushing. turns. laughs. high-fives. ruts. park-crew ruled. slappy’s. toe-ropes. smiles. 1$ beers. learning. friends. new friends. FUN!” Jordan Michilot post shred.

On Saturday, November 3rd 2012, the Academy crew overtook Trollhaugen for their season opener. Jordan and Jonas Michilot, Zac Marben and friends met up to celebrate the official start to the Midwest season at the infamous “Troll”.

The tow rope was packed from open to close with the number of tricks attempted topped 1,000,000. A new season record. This was largely due to the fact that the Academy crew was there representing.

Jonas Michilot back from Peru with new guitar /nunchuck skills, ready to shred.

The legendary tow rope of Trollhaugen. There must be a hundred kids on that thing right now.
Point of interest: Dale Rehberg and Roan Rogers used to shred this very same rope 17 years ago…

Jordan having a little fun gapping up and over to badonk-a-donk. Photo cred: Zac Marben.

Academy gnome Ernie has been waiting all summer to see the boys finally show up…



Check out the house of 1817 with special Halloween edit featuring some fine shredding.


We hope you get more candy than you know what to do with!

Haunted Hyland from House of 1817 on Vimeo.

The Academy crew was representing at the Boreal opening weekend. The park set up
was amazing, lift lines were mellow and we even scored some pow turns! All
of this in October. Thankyou Jah for the early season blessings!!!!

Boreal looking more like December than October. Photo: Kyle Beckman

Opening day crew; Peter Kooi (Academy Intern) Jeff Baughn (El Presidente) Bob Abrams (Academy BFF)

Bob Abrams getting fresh turns in October!

Pete Kooi slashing!








Here is a little edit from our good friends at VideoGrass featuring some fine southern california jibbing. Enjoy!

Here is our first installment of Academy BFF’s. These are our true blue fans and we love em. In an effort to switch the pro-only focus in snowboarding, we are shedding some light on the consumers. The ones who shred just for the love. If you think you’re an Academy BFF, email us. info@academysnowboards.com Subject line “Academy BFF”


Name: Van Gray

Age: 24

Where do you live: South Lake Tahoe, CA. But I’m from Virginia beach,VA

Where do you ride: All over tahoe

What board do you ride: 149 Propaganda RC, & Rythm 148

Why is snowboarding so much fun: When I’m snowboarding any stress or troubles I  got goin on in life just disappear, it’s nice like going on vacation everytime you strap in. And I love riding with the homies, a good crew just makes it that much funner.


Name: Billy Garcia

Age: 22

Where do you live: Crystal Bay, Nevada

Where do you ride: Northstar

What board do you ride: Team or Propaganda

Job/School: School, and very soon a job.

Why is snowboarding so much fun:  I’m better at it than skateboarding, and of course the snowbunnies.

Name: Jason Trask

Age: Old enough to enjoy a frontside rodeo when no one’s looking

Where do you live: MPLS, MN

Where do you ride: As far as Matt Dummer’s car can make it.

What board do you ride: Rhythm 155, Propoganda 157

Occupation: Pseudo scientist

Why is snowboarding so much fun: It helps me avoid adulthood in ways that grad school doesn’t

Name: Tyson Crockett

Age: Old enough to remember being stoked on baseless bindings

Where do you live: The land of 10,000 Hipsters aka Minneapolis, MN

Where do you ride: Where ever the next adventure is.

What board do you ride: Propaganda, Rhythm, and Team

Occupation/Job/School: Trying not to do those things.

Why is snowboarding so much fun:  It gives you the ability to express yourself with no wrong answers.

Name: Steve  Abrams

Age: 19

Where do you live: Running Springs, CA

Where do you ride: Snow Valley an Bear Mountain

What board do you ride:The Propaganda

Occupation: Union Ironworker

Why is snowboarding so much fun: Anything you wanna do you can, no worries just shred it!

Name: Erik Matthews

Age: 20

Where do you live: Sacramento, CA

Where do you ride: I ride at Sierra at Tahoe and Boreal.

What board do you ride: I’m rockin the 2010 propaganda RC and love it.

Occupation: I work as a lifeguard in the summer and at Boreal on the tube hill in the winter.

Why is snowboarding so much fun: I love snowboarding for the creativity and positive vibes, Its impossible to get mad or stressed while snowboarding.